Ibiza on a budget ? Yes, you can!

Hello Wanderpals!

So you are thinking about going to Ibiza to discover the island and get a taste of its legendary parties but, in your excitement, you started googling your perfect vacation and realized that Ibiza comes with a rather expensive price tag?

I’ve been there too. But going to Ibiza had been a dream of mine for a long time and I was determined to make it come true despite not having the bank balance of a millionaire.

Mission accomplished! And you can, too.

Here are 5 tips on how to enjoy the White Isle without emptying your bank account :

1. Check accommodation websites every day

For all my trips, I have always spent a few minutes every day browsing accommodation websites in order to spot some sweet deals.

Finding affordable accommodation in Ibiza during peak season is nearly impossible. Finding affordable accommodation that doesn’t make you want to cry every time you look at it, good luck here!

Yet, I managed to do so and all it took me was 10 mn of my time every day for a week, hunting deals. Not a lot of people are aware of it but hotels offer deals regularly and even though I am not an early bird, I’ve always been able to get amazing prices for hot destinations.

For my trip to Ibiza last July, I tried my luck on booking.com and managed to book an amazing hotel for less than 45 euros a night.

La Dama d’Eivissa is located in Eivissa town, you can check it out here: http://www.booking.com/hotel/es/la-dama-de-ibiza.html?aid=1505051&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1.ladamadeibiza.com/en/

Not bad, huh? 🙂

2. Find promoters on the island

Ibiza being one of the most sought-after islands in the world, celebrated for its legendary parties, tickets to super clubs cost around 80 euros.

Fortunately for us, the island is full of promotors offering discounts. Sure enough, you will not get a discount for the most famous events of the island such as F*** me as famous but you will still be able to enjoy great nights at a very affordable price, if not for free.

The cherry on top: you do not even have to chase promoters, just lazily lay on the beautiful beaches of Ibiza and let they come to you.

During my two hours tanning session on Playa de Talamanca, I’ve been offered this :

Some of them came with free open bar, which is a pretty sweet deal in Ibiza!

3. Remember to enjoy the local festivities

I definitely did!

One of the most memorable experiences I have had during this trip was actually far away from the big clubs of the White Island and – shocking news – it was free! In summer, on Playa de Benirrás drums players gather every Sunday to play together all afternoon until sunset. It is an amazing opportunity to enjoy the authentic hippie atmosphere that is present in Ibiza.

The beach itself is worth a visit as it is one of the best sunset spots of the whole island! But I definitely recommend you to experience the unique atmosphere of Playa de Benirrás during a drums party. Everybody is welcome to join and improvise some rhythms but if you are not much of a musician, like me,  I can guarantee that you will still greatly appreciate the show.

4. Take advantage of the public transportation

Ibiza is a small island and the public transportation is very developed. It is therefore very easy to go from one part of the island to another. Fear not then, if you are staying in San Antonio and just realized that most of the big clubs are based in or close to Playa Den Bossa.

Wondering where to catch the bus? Party buses are departing from San Antonio’s Bus Station and it will cost you only 3 euros to get to Playa Den Bossa! And the best part of it is that many of the buses to and from the party resorts run until 6.45 am so the night is all yours!

Just make sure to check the schedule beforehand: http://ibizabus.com/ibiza/discobus/

5. Local supermarkets should be your best friends!

Alcohol in clubs cost a lot, alcohol in Ibizian clubs cost an arm and a leg! The best way to have a good time without breaking the bank is to take advantage of the several supermarkets. And why not heading to the beach with your supplies to enjoy the sunset on the “Sunset Trip”? Restaurants and bars on the strip allow drinking on the rocks, so you can take your own drink and watch the sunset.There are definitely worse ways to start a night out!

Enjoy Ibiza!


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